Technical information

TI000-EN Overview of GAB Technical Information

TI001-EN Water Hammer from Fast Acting Valves

TI003-EN Load Cycle Stability for Phenolic Resin Impregnated Graphite

TI004-EN Easy Mechanical Cleaning of Block Heat Exchangers

TI014-EN-US Information on the Corrosion Resistance of Synthetic Resin-impregnated Graphite GAB GPX

TI016-EN Pressure Shocks from Air Bubbles in the Coolant

TI017-EN Average Overall Heat Transfer Values (U)

TI020-EN Internal Stress from Organic Solvents

TI021-EN GMP compliant Annular Groove Condensers

TI022-EN Maximum Allowable Temperature Difference

TI025-EN Material List for GMP Compliant Annular Groove Condensers

TI026-EN GMP Designs - Guidelines

TI030-EN Preventing Thermal Shocks to Overheated Heat Exchangers

TI033-EN Contaminant Adhesion to Various Materials

TI035-EN Carbon Fiber Reinforcement for Annular Groove Heat Exchangers

TI037-EN GPX Graphite Corrosion Resistance to Bromine and Bromine Compounds

TI041-EN Graphite Condensers - Annular Groove vs. Block Design

TI042-EN Connecting to Glass Piping

TI044-EN Radial Nozzles Protection

TI045-EN Perspiration Water Drain Duct

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