GAB Neumann was incorporated on November 8th, 1965 by Hans Neumann. In German "GAB" stands for "company that manufactures graphite equipment".

Hans Neumann originally worked at a local chemical company that manufactured ultra-corrosive chemicals. At work he had the opportunity to deal with large graphite block heat exchangers and felt like he had to repair them "way too often". He also noticed that despite graphite's great thermal conductivity the heat exchangers overall heat transfer coefficients were rather poor. On the other hand, he was quite satisfied with the performance of metallic spiral heat exchangers. They were efficient, compact, cost effective, and not subject to fouling.


Hans Neumann knew he "could do better"

In 1963, he created the unique annular groove heat exchangers that combine the outstanding corrosion resistance of graphite with the performance, compactness, low cost, and low fouling tendency of spiral heat exchangers.

At the beginning, the company had only one employee. The "factory" was actually in the cellar of a freemason house. It operated under the name "Südbadische Graphitwerkstätte" which means graphite workshop of south Bade, which is a region of southwest Germany.

In 1964 "Südbadische Graphitwerkstätte" produced 30 heat exchangers. During the first 5 months of 1965, another 30 heat exchangers were delivered. By the end of 1965 the turnover had more than doubled.

1965: "GAB Neumann" was incorporated.

1970: The company moved into its first professional workshop in Maulburg.

1973: The workshop was expanded and the office building was constructed.

1976: The production workshop was further expanded. The brand new graphite impregnation facility was started.

1994: The company moved to its current premises. A new office building was constructed.

2011: The first silicon carbide shell and tube heat exchanger was assembled.

2012: The first silicon carbide block heat exchanger was assembled.

2012: Introduction of GAB Neumann's new, state of the art, proprietary impregnation system named GAB PX.

2017: Refurbishing and expansion of the production workshop.

2020: Acquisition of GAB Neumann by Mersen.

2023: Opening of our "Service Point NRW" in 53840 Troisdorf, Germany.

2024: Miguel Zas becomes the new managing director alongside Massimo Neri, replacing Tobias Schnurpfeil.

Nowadays GAB Neumann produces more than 300 pieces of impervious graphite or silicon carbide process equipment every year and ships them worldwide.


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