Friday, 23. March 2018

Bayer's Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) Pilot-Project

Bayer's Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) Pilot-Project

As a key equipment supplier to Bayer AG worldwide, GAB Neumann has been invited, with a few other selected suppliers, to actively participate to Bayer's Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) Pilot-Project.

The key objective of this project is to create an environment that allows assets- and equipment-related information to be immediately accessible to operations whenever needed during the entire lifecycle of the objects.

The pilot project should foster the implementation of good practices for design, maintenance, and inspection of equipment at a Bayer CropScience production unit in Muttenz, Switzerland.

GAB Neumann is proud to be a part of this innovative project that foreshadows and implements a forward looking managerial approach toward critical process equipment and maintenance.

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