Food grade phosphoric acid

Phosphorsäure in Lebensmittelqualität

Food grade phosphoric acid is a water clear, odorless, slightly viscous liquid.

Food grade phosphoric acid is used to acidify foods and beverages such as various colas and jams. It provides a tangy or sour taste.

It is also used for the production of liquid cleaners, for the manufacture of cottage and processed cheese, the clarification of fruit juices, and the refining of edible oils.


Production of food grade phosphoric acid

Food grade phosphoric acid is produced from industrial phosphoric acid that contains all kinds of impurities. Cations like As+, Cd+, Sr+, Pt+, Th+ and U+, anions like Cl-, F- and SO42-, and organics shall be removed.

 There are several purification processes used around the world. They are all based on a liquid / liquid solvent extraction. It takes advantage of the solubility of phosphoric acid in organic solvents and water. Only the nature of the solvent used varies. Iso-propyl ether, methyl-iso-butyl-ketone, tri-n-butyl-phosphate, kerosene and di-(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid are among the commonly used solvents. Many processes use a combination of solvents.

 All processes involve a defluorination column. The hydrofluoric acid is stripped with steam. Some operate above atmospheric pressure. A PTFE lined steel column is usually preferred. Some operate under vacuum. Then an impervious graphite column is usually preferred.


GAB Neumann’s process equipment

Depending on the manufacturing process, the production of food grade phosphoric acid may involve the use of impervious graphite heat exchangers and columns. GAB Neumann delivers impervious graphite pieces of process equipment such as annular groove graphite heat exchangers, graphite heaters, graphite coolers, graphite block heat exchangers, graphite columns, and column internals to the food grade phosphoric acid producers.


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